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Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve: Characteristics, Uses, Maintenance

Posted by Admin on February, 23, 2023

A standard Unidirectional Knife Gate is one of the rare application-specific commercial valve layouts. It has a single-piece durable and small cast body construction. It provides the best functionality and is useful for simple to sophisticated challenging operations for material flow. This article explains its characteristics, uses, design, and maintenance tips. This will be useful when seeking a Uni-directional knife gate valve supplier.

Key characteristics of the Unidirectional Knife gate

Gates with bevelled edges pierce through the sturdy solid materials.

• Low thrust makes it simple to operate.

• Easy to manage and install due to low weight.

• multiple-layer gland sealing arrangement.

• no empty spaces.

• Cast body in one piece, which is robust and small.

• For improved flow and reduced pressure drop, use a round port.

• metal and possibilities for changeable soft seats.

• A longer lifespan for the packing.

• The MSS-SP 81 Standard requires that knife gate valves undergo pressure/leak testing.

• economic isolation.

• little working torque

• Alternatives for gate stiffening to withstand abrasion.

• port for injecting lubricant to ensure smooth functioning.

• Minimal face-to-face space.

Common uses for Uni-Directional Knife Gate Valve

Paper and pulp manufacturing Chemical and petrochemical facilities

Treatment facilities for sewage and waste

• mining the food and drink sector

• cement factories

• emptied silos

• Power plants that use heat

• manufacturing facilities for steel and metal

Design Characteristics

• Valve Body

The valve's round port has an ID bore that is significantly more than the minimum 90% necessary for schedule 40 pipe. This results in much higher flow rates and less pressure drop through the valve. Less space is available for solids to settle because of the integrated seat design.

• Gate

Solid particles have a tendency to collect at the bottom of the valve. However, the gate's bevelled bottom Knife Edge slices through them. The gates are available in a variety of stainless steel grades. These are appropriate for the service requirements and are also appropriately hardened.

• Valve seat

The upstream region is clear and eased yet jammed. As a result, the body's dead pockets eliminates. These are areas where suspended particles and media collect and prevent the valve's gate from correct seating.

• Stem

As a conventional design, rising stems are provided. There are additional non-rising stems available for confined places and to boost operating safety. The handwheel and gate connect by a revolving portion of the valve shafts.

• Handwheel or actuators

In unidirectional knife gate valves, handwheels rotate the gate so that it can open and close. The fluid flow is maintained whether the object is moving up or down. It runs by hand, with electricity, pneumatics, or hydraulic operating methods. There are several attachments available. This includes emergency actuators, connecting boxes, gearboxes, etc. They work as one cohesive, well-functioning system as a whole.

Maintenance of Knife gate valves

Always install the knife gate valve vertically, with the actuator facing up.

• For improved performance, cycle the valve parts while not in use often.

• Before doing any repairs or maintenance, release the system's pressure.

• For all valve components, use suitable detergents. Alcohol or purified water is useful for cleaning non-metallic items.

• Dust, grime, grease, and oil should not be present in the disassembled parts using immersion cleaning techniques.

• Apply the best lubricants to the components at regular intervals.

• After the washing procedure is finished, do not immediately assemble. Install the components after thoroughly drying them to prevent corrosion.

• Verify that there are no external particles inside the internal valve body.

For internal maintenance

• Release the upward and downward tensions.

• The valve should remain completely closed.

• Test the airtightness of the replacement thereafter.

How To pick the finest unidirectional knife gate valves?

Your commercial objective should be the valve's functioning, distinctive design, and component assembly. Important considerations for selection include

• Size range

• range of temperatures

• pressure score

• body components

• Material of the seat Actuator type

• Cut off connection

Knife gate valves are useful in a variety of industrial fields for the issue of leakage in media comprising particles. There are numerous Uni-Directional Knife Gate Valve Exporter in the market. Select the finest gate valves that meet your needs and industry criteria.

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